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School Logo

St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"


Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Mrs Victoria Groulef

Year 3 Teacher

Dear Everyone


Welcome to Year  Three


We are extremely excited about the year ahead . Mrs Dearman , Mrs Simon together with Mrs Everard and Mrs Smith, have planned lots of opportunities for you to shine and feel proud of yourself.

Travel back in time with us in the Autumn term to discover the exciting  world of the Ancient Egyptians.  Next term in History you will find out about the fascinating period of the Anglo Saxons . 

Our aim is for you to become SUPER SCIENTISTS this year and we want you to develop your curiosity and ask lots of questions. Our topics throughout the year are: light and shadows, Space, Growing, Healthy Eating, Magnestism and Rocks and Soils.

In Maths you will continue to develop your problem solving skills and in Literacy you will be reading lots of different books and will have lots of chances to be creative, to work in groups and become great communicators. 

You will gradually take more responsibility for your learning, assessing your own work and setting your own targets. 

Just remember to believe in yourself and aim high.

 A famous scientist said   ‘Our greatest weakness is giving up.  The greatest way to succeed is to try one more time.’

We look forward to learning with you this year…