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"Every Child a Success"

School Logo

St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"


Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Dear Year 5

Welcome to your new class and penultimate year at St Peter’s.

This year we will develop and build upon what you have learnt in Year 4.  We have planned lots of exciting learning opportunities for you.  However, this year we want you to realise that in addition to what you will be learning, we want you to consider and reflect upon the way that you learn.  How can we help you be the best you can?  We have high expectations for you and this year you will be challenged to achieve to the highest possible standard.   

Reaching our goals can be scary and frustrating, especially when we get stuck or make mistakes.   Scientists have proved that the only way to learn and become more intelligent is to try new things and never give up – mistakes are proof that you are trying!



You are important

We believe in you

We trust in you

You will be listened to

You will be cared for

You will succeed


We look forward to learning with you.

The document below has examples of words containing taught spelling patterns, words frequently used by children in their writing and words commonly spelt incorrectly. The lists for Year 5 are statutory, but all lists for other year groups are included for reference.
Please find questions below to think about when reading books together.
Download your own copy of the Superhero Times Tables Book here and have a go!