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Feeling About Our School

Parent Questionnaire Responses 2023

Comments from Our November 2023 Questionnaires


132 parents responded to our Questionnaire

                Parents comments when asked about the 3 best things about the school:

  • Effective & efficient communication with parents
  • Always available to speak to of any issues
  • Various activities for children
  • The SENCO department is amazing
  • Clear values and strong relationships with church
  • Values, professionalism, friendliness
  • Being small - everyone knows each other - community
  • The teaching - excellent standard expected
  • Friendly staff
  • I like that my child mixes with all ages, I think this helps with his social skills.
  • The core values of the school are important and how they are taught.
  • Every member of staff are friendly and approachable to ask and answer questions
  • Communication, responsive & kind
  • The staff, the welcoming atmosphere, the education
  • The space! Field & classrooms are very spacious
  • Family feel to the school
  • Mrs Morris's leadership
  • Values, supporting culture and not tolerating bullying
  • Teachers show that they really care for our children
  • Teachers are nice, environment is good, kids are friendly
  • They promote kindness, always deal with any issues well & support my child
  • Everyone knows each other
  • Community, teachers know children well, friendly
  • The teachers are all so nice and helpful and happy, thank you!
  • Supportive and caring staff
  • Understanding, caring, welcoming
  • Teachers - always great, caring & supportive
  • PTA -good initiatives and additional funds for the school
  • Site/facilities -good level of equipment for learning and play and they are clean and tidy
  • Family feel, space in field/classrooms very good, Mrs Morris
  • Supportive with children that extra help with reading/phonics. Very welcoming
  • The communication, very understanding, always put the kids first
  • Friendly, supportive, good communication
  • Good relationships with the teachers
  • After school club is always lovely
  • The school listen to my feedback
  • Good community feel, individualised teaching, supportive of parents needs
  • It is very much relevant to teach Christian religion to my child
  • Excellent staff at all levels, really good pastoral support, strong values taught to the children
  • Communication, the wonderful 'family' feel, the staff who are wonderful, nurturing and fair while educating my child
  • Family support, staff
  • Friendly, understanding, respectful
  • The care of the children, opportunities i.e. interventions, the values of respect and morals
  • Buddy programme, phonics, school values followed
  • Approachable friendly staff, good approach to SENCO, good learning opportunities
  • Great communication between us and the teachers
  • Support for children, always communicate with parents
  • Promotion of Christian values, great teaching staff, the PTA and the events they run
  • Warmth of teachers/staff
  • Friendly and welcoming, nurturing, good communication
  • My child enjoys going to school, they feel safe at school and my child makes good progress at school
  • It's a good community feel and everyone is very helpful
  • Kind teachers, good principles. My daughter is happy is the most important
  • Friendly, welcoming, kind
  • A focus on good behaviour - high expectations of good behaviour
  • Kind, caring and nurturing nature
  • School value instil respect - creating good citizens and preparing children for the 'real' world
  • Belonging, care for pupils and a variety & range of learning opportunities
  • The teaching staff, community feel, proximity to home
  • Community feel, welcoming staff, access to clubs
  • They provide early intervention/support to children if they are struggling in any way, lovely outdoor play areas, events are inclusive and success is celebrated in every child
  • A caring environment, values opinions
  • The support provided to my child following bereavement (TA support, counselling, fun friends etc)
  • Small classes in the mornings to support their learning
  • Morals taught to the children
  • Generous atmosphere, rewarding not punishing, lovely outside space
  • Community, teacher commitment, wholesome engagement
  • Safety, approachable, values are taught and morals
  • Teachers are approachable, children are happy, lots of activities
  • Extra clubs, good learning, dedicated, hardworking teachers, headteacher and other staff
  • The support for the children, the strong leadership from the headteacher and the varied homework options
  • Friendliness, support with extra needs, great teachers and staff
  • They care, support & encourage!
  • Communication
  • Values, teachers, leadership in Mrs Morris
  • Friendly, good support
  • Community between the older and younger classes, role modelling with school council and worship leads, values and assembly content they tell us about love
  • That all the staff know the children and their names, school facilities, how children's abilities are nurtured
  • Great communication and values taught
  • Welcoming community spirit, caring and nurturing environment, inclusivity
  • Religion is a choice we shouldn't force it on our children. Education is excellent, staff are approachable and friendly, my child is happy here
  • My children are happy


Analysis of our results:


We were delighted to see such a positive response to the questions posed. We launched the same questionnaire last year and are really pleased to see that percentages of parents who agree or strongly agree have risen for every question from 2022 to 2023. 


We are particularly pleased that over 90% of parents now agree:

  • My child is making good progress in learning in RE
  • My child is developing a good knowledge and understanding of world faiths through RE


Our next steps will be to promote:

  • Good relationships between the school and 'other' religious groups in the area 
  • The school providing a wide range of cultural activities for children to take part in


Many thanks to all those parents who took time to provide such valuable feedback.

Ofsted 2022 Parent's View Survey

Parent Questionnaire Responses - Remote Education

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected.

Further to this the school are also very interested in all of your comments both positive ones and areas that you feel need improvement., we welcome your regular feedback.