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Welcome to the PTA section!

We have a very active PTA at St Peter’s School, and we put on a variety of events throughout the year for our children and parents/carers to raise funds which are then used to purchase items and equipment for the benefit and use of all pupils throughout the school.


The PTA plays a vital role in raising funds to support our school; we work alongside the school and support projects they are working on. A recent project which the PTA helped with and is very proud of is achieving to buy the school a minibus. The PTA put £5000 towards it which has already had considerable impact in allowing our children to travel to many extra-curricular activities.


Another way in which we help for example, is by subsidising school trips and Theatre Groups to visit the school, this enables our children to benefit from these facilities more readily.


We have monthly meetings to discuss future events/projects and how we can help with them. You are more than welcome to attend anytime, please look out for the next meeting on our calendar dates and newsletters.


Being a member of the PTA is not all hard work. We aim to have FUN and we are always interested in new ways and new members to do this, so all of your ideas will be very welcome, please come along to a meeting or send me an email with any ideas.


All of the events we run would be possible without the support of our parents, no matter how much time or help you can offer. It could be something as small as bringing in items for us to sell at fairs or cake sales, to giving some time to help out on one of the stalls at one of the fairs we run.


Your help is gratefully received, no matter how big or small. So if you feel you would like to be a part of this great team or have any questions, then either post your details in the PTA welcome box in Reception or contact the PTA Chair, Sara Dennis on

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Sara Dennis (Chair of PTA)

Vice Chair: Sarah Scott

Treasurer: Louise Gelhardt

Picture 1 S.Dennis
Picture 2 S.Scott
Picture 3 L.Gelhardt