School Logo

St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"

School Logo

St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"


Staff Photos

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Mrs Tanya Morris

Head Teacher

Safeguarding Officer

DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)



Miss Charlotte Loveridge

Deputy Headteacher

Year 2 Teacher

Mathematics Curriculum Leader

Assessment Lead

Deputy DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)



Teaching Staff


Mrs Ellen LaceyNursery Room Leader (Little Fish)
Ms Izzy ToddRainbow Fish Leader
Mrs Rav Atwal

Reception Teacher


Mrs Sam Pontin

Reception Teacher


Miss Sarah Wilson

Year 1 Teacher

Geography Subject Leader

Miss Charlotte LoveridgeYear 2 Teacher
Mrs Wendy Dearman

Year 2 Teacher

Art and DT Subject Leader


Mrs Gemma Cornish

Mrs Sarah Harbour


Year 3 Teachers

Science Subject Leader

Mrs Helen Grove

Year 6 Teacher

English Subject Leader

Mr Αntοny Dαlίtίs

Year 5 Teacher

Computing Subject Leader & Teacher




Mrs Stacey Simon

French Teacher 


MFL Subject Leader

Mrs Sam Pontin

Reception Teacher


 Support Staff 
Mrs Katie Bird

Family Support Worker

Deputy DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Deann McCoyYear 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Claire McCafferty

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Lunch Club Coordinator

Afterschool Club Supervisor

School Council Member

Chaplaincy Team Member

Mrs Liz Smith

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime/After School Club Supervisor

Miss Lesley Court

Pupil Premium Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime/After School Club Supervisor


Ms Michelle Richardson


Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Ms Gemma Woakes


Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Suessner

Reception Teaching Assistant

Lodge Practitioner

Interventions Teacher

Mrs Sue MacdonaldNursery Teaching Assistant
Miss Carla SoaresNursery Assistant (Little Fish)
Miss Tempany BurchettNursery Assistant (Rainbow Fish)
Ms Sasha HollowbreadNursery Assistant (Little Fish)


Admin Staff


Ms Gemma BondSchool Administrator
 Mrs Sarah ScottFinance and Personnel
Mrs Joanna KnightBusiness Manager
Mr Paul CaesarCaretaker
Mrs Alison WebbLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Kristina ParkLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Debbie BarkerMidday Supervisor


Details of the amount of time off taken by staff who are union officials = 0 days