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St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"


Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year Five,


The first thing we wish to say is so many congratulations to you on reaching your penultimate year at Primary School. You should feel immensely proud of yourselves that you are now in Year Five which falls in the upper part of Key Stage Two.


We feel very privileged to be your teachers this year and we are all extremely excited about the year ahead and so looking forward to sharing the journey of this coming year with you.

This year will bring you so many opportunities to shine and feel enormously successful. We have extremely high expectations of you and want you to have very high expectations of your own selves too. As your teachers we will always aim to work the hardest we can for you and will always expect this of you as we know you will aim to be the best that you can be.


Reaching your targets and aiming high is vital. At times this may feel scary and sometimes frustrating especially if you become stuck and not sure what to do. Just remember we all learn differently and therefore have different learning needs. A key aspect of successful learning is to know and understand how we learn and knowing what to do if we become unsure and puzzled by something. This year we will develop different Learning Powers which will support you with your learning for the year ahead and the next part of your learning journey when you will become Year Sixes.


Above all we want to be happy at school, to be excellent Year Five role models, to feel proud of your achievements, to make great progress and attain the highest standards you can – To be successful.


We look forward to learning with you this year…


Mrs Grove, Miss Smith and Mrs McCoy