School Logo

St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"

School Logo

St Peter's CofE Primary School

"Every Child a Success"


Visions and Values

St Peter's CofE School Vision

'Every Child a Success'


*'St Peter's school family provides a safe, nurturing environment, inspiring compassionate, confident individuals 'achieving with all their might' through the joy of learning. With love and respect, we encourage pupils to flourish academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, rooted in our parish but confident of our place in the global community.'


When considering how we can show resilience and have faith in ourselves to achieve our vision we think about Saint Peter. The Bible tells us that God used a person like Saint Peter for greatness. He was just an ordinary man. He had doubts, just like we all do. He stumbled. Even so, Jesus saw so much potential in him that he made him the leader of His Church. Through our shared values we can achieve our vision:


Success takes COURAGE

Success requires EFFORT

Success promotes JOY

Success demands KINDNESS

Success nurtures TRUST

What is our school vision and what does this mean for my child? Presentation for parents.

Our school vision - a deeply Christian vision.