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St Peter's CofE Primary School

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Our teaching team for this academic year:

Mrs Simon - Monday

Mrs Grove - Tuesday to Friday

Mrs Hay and Mrs McCoy



Year Six Reading Journey

We begin the Spring Term by reading the powerful novel by Benjamin Zephaniah, Windrush Child. It is an immensely important read and it is also a difficult one as it addresses many injustices and inequalities. We follow Leonard on his journey from his beloved homeland, Jamaica, to Britain where he joins his father who had been helping to rebuild Britain, the 'motherland', after the Second World War. This novel links to our history project - Britain Since 1948.


We follow this novel by reading the wonderful heart-warming story of The Last Bear by Hannah Gold. For this tale we head to the artic regions of Norway, to find the delightful and wilful character of Alice as she explores her new homeland in search of her beloved Polar Bear and to discover why, he is isolated and alone on the island. This novel links to our geography project - Protecting the Environment.

Meet the Teacher

Residential Trip - Croft Farm

Summer Term 2023/2024

Summer Term One - Homework Grid

Spring Term 2023/2024

Spring Term 2024 - Two

Spring Term Two - Homework Grid

Spring Term 2024 - One

Spring Term One - Homework Grid

Autumn Term 2023/2024

Autumn Term 2023 - Two

Autumn Term Two - Homework Grid

Autumn Term 2023 - One

Autumn Term One - Homework Grid

Remote learning letter from Mrs Morris (in case of whole class closure)