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Rosenshine Masterclass Introduction

Rosenshine Masterclass I Intro and Research

Video I from the Rosenshine Masterclass covering the background model from cognitive science and how various ideas underpin the principles themselves.

Rosenshine Masterclass II Sequencing Concepts and Modelling

Video II in the Masterclass series where I talk through Sequencing Concepts and Modelling.

Rosenshine Masterclass III Questioning

Video III focusing on strategies for questioning and checking for understanding.

Rosenshine Masterclass IV Daily Weekly Monthly Review

Video IV from the Rosenshine Masterclass focusing on retrieval practice techniques.

Rosenshine Masterclass V Stages of Practice and Conclusion

Final video V from the Rosenshine Masterclass looking at stages of practice and the perils of a checklist.

Teaching Assistants

Supporting Successful Learning in Primary School - Build your understanding of learning and teaching to gain confidence in supporting children in school as a teaching assistant.